What to expect when you come to a Kundalini Yoga class

Kundalini Yoga meditation with Anna Ranprem, London

The classes are a safe and supportive space in which we can feel free to be ourselves. The energy of the group helps us to lift our vibration and to reach for our full potential.

All levels welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

  • Tuning in – We tune in by chanting a mantra that connects us to the golden chain of teachers and consciously connects us to our higher selves.
  • Pranayam – Using the rhythm and depth of the breath, we can effect and manage different states of health, consciousness and emotion.
  • Warm up
  • Kriya – this means “Completed action” and is a series of asana or exercises that have a theme and aim to achieve a specific result such as relieving stress, balancing the glands, releasing toxins from the liver etc.
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Tuning out – We tune out by singing The Long Time Sunshine Song and chanting three long Sat Nams.

There is usually an opportunity share our thoughts and experiences afterwards although this is of course not compulsory!

Kundalini Yoga kriya with Anna Ranprem, London

Thoughts and tips for coming to class

  • Avoid eating heavily for 2-3 hours before coming to class.
  • Wear loose clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • Bring a mat (not necessary for the Tuesday evening class) and a blanket or shawl to cover up during relaxation.
  • Bring some water.
  • In our yoga practice, we always want to be reaching a little further, expanding our horizons and going beyond our perceived limits. However, yoga is not a competitive sport so we always aim to work with compassion and awareness and an acknowledgment that where we are with our practice might vary from day to day. Slow consistency is more valuable than pushing to achieve a goal.
  • If you have an injury or a medical condition that I need to be aware of, then please let me know.
  • Pregnant women should get permission from their doctors to take a yoga class.

“Anna’s Kundalini yoga classes are wonderful. Anna chooses beautiful music and creates an atmosphere of spiritual calm which is truly nourishing – I always emerge feeling renewed and back in touch with myself. Whatever I need on the day, the class just seems to deliver it!” Diana

Class details

Class times:

  • Monday 7-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 7-8.30pm

Due to COVID-19, classes are currently held on Zoom. See homepage for instructions.

Pay £10 if you are able and £6 if your financial situation has been affected by COVID-19. 

Recordings available for each class for 7 days. Pay by donation.

Zoom link for the recording of 28/9/20 class:

Zoom link for the recording of 23/9/20 class:

Pay online for classes

Click the button to pay for single or multiple classes or class recordings


And then follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your email address
  2. Fill in my email address:
  3. Fill in the amount: £10 or £6 per class or donation for class recording

Or contact me for bank details to make a transfer.

“I really appreciated the opportunity to have a yoga class without having to leave home. What a treat. All in all it was a really good and supportive experience in this difficult time”. Sandra 

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