About Anna

I had been practicing other forms of yoga for several years before I came across a Kundalini Yoga class given by the wonderful Kate McKenzie. I felt an instant connection with it and felt that I had discovered a truly holistic yogic practice that could nourish me on every level of my being. It felt like discovering a toolbox for life.

I have been on the expansive and beautiful Kundalini journey of discovery for 20 years now and never cease to be amazed and delighted by the riches of this practice. I feel so blessed to have Kundalini Yoga in my life and to be able to share these amazing teachings with others.

I completed my Level I training with world-renowned yogis Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa and Darryl O’Keefe at i-SKY in the UK and am in the process of completing my Level 2 training. I teach regular classes in London and have taught on retreats and workshops in Morocco, Italy and New Zealand.

“I feel so blessed to have Anna as my teacher. I think her classes are amazing – I always feel affected, physically and emotionally, and get a renewed sense of connection. It’s a very special space I can wholeheartedly trust and open into….I now feel I have a more informed understanding of myself in the world – a place I can keep coming back to.” Manjinder

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